How to make Paper Bunting: Tutorial

Paper bunting tutorial

I love making easy crafty things. I especially love making cheap, easy, crafty things! My son’s 3rd birthday is coming up and he requested a circus themed party. After some thought I decided on a vintage circus/carnival themed party, complete with games, hot dogs, candy, lollipops and lots of fun! My son is super excited for his party, it’s unfortunately still a few weeks away! I love being prepared in advance for parties and love making the decorations! I’ve actually made a few of these little paper bunting decorations before and hung them in the kids room after the party as a decoration. I also use them in my studio for my photography clients. This paper bunting project is really easy and very inexpensive.

First I started out with scrapbooking paper from Michael’s Craft Store. They were having a sale so I got 8 sheets for $1!!! I need to go back and get more!! Just choose colors and patterns that go together well. Our theme again is Circus, so I went with bright stripes and polka dots!

You’ll need: sting or ribbon, scissors, hole puncher, paper and a pencil. You will also need one piece of cardstock (not pictured) to create the triangle template.


I first use a straight edge, to create a line for the triangle template. Anything straight, like a ruler or book will work. I used a pad of paper I had sitting on the counter.


Make a triangle shape. Or you can download my template here!

IMG_1079 IMG_1080

Cut out the triangle.

IMG_1081 IMG_1082

Turn over the craft paper and use the back to trace so you can’t see the pencil lines. Fit as many triangles on one sheet as possible. If you are using patterned paper, just make sure the patterns go the same direction.


Cut out lots of triangles. I cut out the same amount for each paper.


Punch holes in the corners.


Now here is the only tricky part. I layout the pattern I want, t hen flip them over to the other side. Cut a piece of ribbon or string longer than you need it. Thread the first triangle through and pull it to the end of the string.


Keep pulling the string.



Thread the next triangle until they are all on the string.


Keep going!


Space them out evenly and adjust the string or ribbon if it’s twisted. Hang and enjoy! I already had the ribbon/string and just picked up the paper for just a buck!!!

I’ll post pictures of all the decorations and the party food soon!

How easy was that????

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